Dr Masaru Emoto  is known worldwide for his most unusual experiments and findings regarding the apparent molecular memory properties of water. He graduated at the Yokohama University and became a doctor of alternative medicine and it was shortly after he had become very interested in MRI and micro cluster water as a concept that he began his enquiry into what he calls the hidden nature of water.

He has taken thousands of photographs of frozen droplets of water using a dark field telescope after the water has been collected from various sources or in distilled form after having been exposed to various messages, music, words etc and the resulting photographs have surprised and amazed people due to how they seem to relate visually to the "stimulus" or even thoughts that were present close to the water before it was frozen.

He has written a number of books on the subject and has long been a well known advocate for world peace particularly with regard the human relationship with water. Dr Emoto strongly believes that water can resonate with the thoughts or feelings of people, even when recorded in the medium of just words written on paper and taped to a glass of water. The patterns seen in the photographs suggest an effect that is uniformly rejected by the scientific community at large as being utter bunkum.

One reason being that it violates many of the laws of physics and another being the questionable "scientific" methods used in the tests. A series of double and subsequently triple blind tests produced very little to substantiate Dr Emoto's claims and so it seems to be yet another example of new age pseudo science.

Water is undoubtably an unusual substance with very unique properties, one of these being at a molecular level how the molecules appear to associate and form short lived groups that then dis associate and form other groups or clusters - this all goes on in micro fractions of a second and can also be viewed as one huge network of molecules continually rearranging their connections with each other.

Water is one of the few known materials that are less dense in solid form than in liquid - this is why ice floats in water rather than sinking. It has actually had scientists disagreeing with each other for nearly 50 years now as to its true molecular structure as it almost defies analysis as its behaviour is so totally unique, but there is no need or good reason to attach such elaborately silly theories and explanations to it as after all, light has defied analysis for long enough.