GRP Grating and Its Use in the Water Industry

GRP is an acronym that signifies glass-reinforced plastic. This type of grating was initially designed for areas where resistance to corrosion would be an ongoing concern. Still, there are many other benefits associated with GRP gratings than their corrosion-resistant properties alone. This material offers a wide variety of industrial applications; particularly within the water sector. So, what are some of the advantages that can be seen? Let us take a closer look.


As mentioned previously, GRP gratings are excellent at standing up to any form of corrosion. As there is no metal present in their construction, they are of particular value in water treatment plants and other facilities where rust would present a profound concern. As such, these grates are relatively free from the normal maintenance requirements that would otherwise be necessary. This will save a great deal of money from a longitudinal aspect.

Slip Resistance

By the very nature of GRP grates, employees and the public will have much more of a stable platform to work upon or to walk across. In environments that are naturally exposed to water, this is an important safety factor that may very well even serve to lower insurance premiums.

Lightweight Strength

As these grates are comprised of plastic and fibreglass, they are extremely lightweight. They can be easily installed and they can be cut to nearly any specification imaginable with common tools. Furthermore, they are extremely resistant to any type of impact. Little structural damage will occur and the chances of failure are slim to none. These are understandable concerns in the water industry and locations that may require the transport of potentially heavy items such as pipes or valves.


A final benefit that is unique to the water sector is that these grates will allow the unimpeded flow of water. This is one of the primary reasons that they will often be found atop sewage works, shaft coverings and drainage channels. This aspect will also markedly reduce the chances of water pooling or flooding in any environment. Once again, this is an important safety feature that cannot be overlooked.

These are but a few of the most pronounced benefits that GRP gratings will offer the water industry. As they are lightweight, portable, corrosion resistant and extremely strong, such grates have proven themselves to be a safe and cost-effective solution for countless businesses.