Conserving water is an important priority  - Clean water sources are slowly becoming scarce, which is why it pays to start conserving water now.  Businesses need to be more energy conscious and can make a big difference if they start to use these methods to conserve water in their workplaces.  Companies can save around 30% of their water costs through simple and inexpensive water minimization measures.  Conserving water will save money on your water bill and, if you reduce the amount of hot water used, your energy bill too.

You can install smart water systems that will save energy by cutting off the water supply to unused washrooms. Monitor your water use - this will enable you to set targets to reduce the amount of water you use and to see how much money you save by conserving water. One easy way to go green is to use an on-demand water heater, which will save loads of energy compared to a conventional water heater that remains on at all times. These on-demand water heaters are far more energy efficient and will save you money in the long run. If you replace your existing shower head and taps with water saving ones it will lower your water usage dramatically.

You could have solar energy heating your home's hot water, bypassing electricity completely having the suns rays directly heating the water for you., also as these systems use a non freezing fluid it will prevent any of your hot water pipe freezing in the winter. Its always wise to get all your pipes and water heater well insulated - your system will run much more efficiently and be cheaper to run as well. There are many ways that you can save water around your home. Fixing just one leak in your home can save 300 gallons of water in a month.   You can save over thousands of litres of water a year by taking showers instead of baths.

You could save up to 3 litres per flush if you decrease the amount of water your toilet uses by installing a water saving device in the cistern. You can save over 5,000 litres of water a year by simply getting a new washing machine that is designed with water saving as an important feature. You can save water by turning the tap off when brushing your teeth, (you could always fill a glass or tumbler with water for rinsing) The average tap uses over 6 litres of water a minute when it's running so it's worth looking for ways to re use water whenever possible.For most UK homes, it is more cost effective to save water than to reuse rainwater or grey water.

Trying to do this while conserving water can test the ingenuity of any gardener. Using greywater to water plants is a great way of saving water in your garden, but there are other easy steps that can be taken.Every time you boil an egg or some vegetables try to save the cooled water for your houseplants. You can use waste water to water your garden in a lot of instances and capture rainwater in a water butt for the same purpose, also saving you from using tap water to water your plants in the summer.