Bottled water is more popular now than it has ever been, compared to tap water it is over a thousand times  more expensive and the companies that sell bottled water have been compared to snake oil salesmen in their promotions. So it is certainly not cheap and it has a detrimental effect on the environment because of the energy used to produce the bottles and then the environmental damage caused by the discarded non re useable bottles. One thing you can do to limit this pollution is to re use the bottles as many times as you can before disposing of them responsibly by recycling them.

On the plus side bottled water has benefits in the respect that it is the most healthy alternative to most bottled drinks that are heavy in sugar and chemical additives. drinking water throughout the day is great for keeping yourself well hydrated which is known to be highly beneficial for your health overall. It is the best choice of drink for anyone trying to lose weight. Also it has been of invaluable help in emergency and disaster situations as it was easy to transport and reliably free of contaminants and bacteria. Local tap water can often be somewhat questionable in its quality especially with regards chlorine, flouride and other chemicals.

Bottled water is a food product so has top pass stringent safety and quality checks so it is safe to drink at all times. Nowadays bottled water companies are not allowed to use words like "spring" in the title as this has been deemed as misleading. The bottles are usually made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which requires a lot of energy to manufacture, which is one of the main criticisms against it, apart from the price. PET thankfully is recyclable but a lot of countries are choosing to export their waste materials to third world countries to landfill. It is a relatively low carbon footprint product compared to most others on the shelf.

The average Uk citizen will consume an average of 34 litres per year even though it costs about a thousand times as much as tap water. Sales of bottled water have dramatically increased over the past few years with the fizzy drink giants also adding their brands. People cite convenience and taste quality the highest reasons for choosing bottled water over tap water and it is certainly a very convenient option when you work in an office. Many workplaces have chosen to install water coolers which are replenished with massive 11 or 19 litre bottles by the bottling companies who sell the coolers.

Take it or leave it, bottled water is here to stay and a lot of people rely on it for their daily hydration and appreciate it for its superior taste and quality over tap water every time. It represents convenience and reliable quality and the bottles are ideal for office use as they are resealable so less likely to spill. Now we have fruit flavoured and herb flavoured bottled waters available which are proving to be highly popular world wide.